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Today, the proverbial 'three guys in a garage' can start and run a global billion-dollar service business in days with no capital investment. By buying utility services from cloud service providers, they can immediately scale operations up and down to meet their needs and keep costs low.

This is the kernel of Hygeia's approach to IT support services — Elastic Services IntegrationSM — a small team can deliver excellent service for radically lower cost than the traditional IT services approach.

There are three main ideas to ESI:
  1. The need for resources — personnel and utility services — fluctuates; therefore resources should not be locked-in.
  2. A single version of situational awareness simplifies coordination and control.
  3. Simplification of the technical infrastructure reduces risk and improves agility.


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Elastic Services IntegrationSM

Elastic scaling, utility pricing, on-demand provisioning of technical and human services, and continuous innovation — Hygeia enables the elastic IT enterprise.

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