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Elastic Services IntegrationSM Center of Excellence
Hygeia's ESI Center of Excellence surveys and assesses new services available on the Cloud and benchmarks them with traditional in-house services using weighted evaluation criteria tied to service level metrics. When we find a winner, we integrate it with our other sources using Elastic Service PlatformTM.
Elastic Service PlatformTM
Elastic Service Platform (ESP) is an IT service management and integration platform based on ServiceNow’s IT Service Automation (ITSA) suite and the VMware vCloud Suite. ESP enables predictive and proactive analytics, dashboard monitoring, and workflows; integrated end-to-end control of processes; efficient and elastic resource management; automatic aggregation of virtual resources; and chargeback on a consumption unit basis. ESP enables Hygeia to deliver the elastic IT enterprise for radically lower cost by:
  • Conduct of business in electronic workflows, using software agents and business rules, to assure consistency and execution according to our ITIL practices, every time.
  • A robust Service Catalog, to enable our customers and our customer’s customers to order from us as easily as they can order office supplies. The Catalog drives workflow processes.
  • A single, integrated Configuration Management Database (CMDB) cascaded from the enterprise architecture and controlled with workflow and change monitoring, to speed and reduce the cost of compliance and change control.
  • Orchestration and automation of activities across internal and external resources, such as provisioning standard consumable resources, and ultimately enabling a lights-out virtual data center.
ESP provides agencies the foundation to build the elastic IT enterprise, so they can more rapidly and flexibly respond to changing priorities and continually integrate the innovations that are still to come.


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Elastic Services IntegrationSM

Elastic scaling, utility pricing, on-demand provisioning of technical and human services, and continuous innovation — Hygeia enables the elastic IT enterprise.

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