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From Fragile to Elastic

The traditional IT support services approach relies on lots of people using conversation and correspondence to manage a fragmented enterprise according to an architecture documented in a binder on the shelf. The CIO and office of IT (OIT) are fully absorbed in keeping the lights on.

Hygeia stabilizes the IT enterprise and transforms it to take advantage of commercial innovations and efficiencies now and as they emerge. Elastic Services IntegrationSM delivers a nimble, elastic, reliable, available and secure enterprise. With an elastic enterprise, OIT attention and funds are freed to focus on new mission solutions.

Elastic Service PlatformTM

One version of situational awareness simplifies coordination and control. Our Elastic Service PlatformTM integrates governance, operations, vulnerability management, change control, and monitoring processes together. Our customers get the assurance of consistency and efficiencies not possible in the traditional, "free text" ITSS approach.

Elastic Resources

The resources – personnel and utility services – that are needed to deliver excellent service rise and fall with user demand. Therefore, the IT enterprise should not lock-in the volume of personnel and utility to be supplied. Hygeia integrates the right resources from the Cloud and Flexible staffing, when and where needed, to meet requirements, and then decommissions resources. Our customers do not pay for the cost of waiting resources.

More Value for Lower Cost

The federal CFO today partners with CIOs to identify cost savings, good investments, and workplace efficiencies so that more funding goes to direct mission results.

Hygeia integrates custom solutions from commodity cloud services. Our scientists, analysts, and developers build special purpose and secure analytical solutions using platforms-as-a-service, on both public and private clouds. Our customers get just what they need, and pay only for what they use.

It's About the Knowledge

Mission scientists either control their own IT domains independently or are customers of CIOs. Either way, they want to buy their IT by the drink, when and where they want it. It needs to be simple, out of the way, and always ready. And it needs to assure privacy and security while also enabling collaboration.
Hygeia delivers custom scientific analysis solutions running on commodity cloud services infrastructure. We convert current infrastructure into hybrid clouds, and deploy secure community clouds with controls for sharing, temporarily sharing, or restricting data within a single environment. We even embed IT-savvy data scientists to work side-by-side with customers, cutting the red tape while maintaining compliance. Hygeia makes IT about the mission again: speeding discovery and learning.


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Elastic Services IntegrationSM

Elastic scaling, utility pricing, on-demand provisioning of technical and human services, and continuous innovation — Hygeia enables the elastic IT enterprise.

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